water for weight loss

Water is a source of life and pledge of slim and beautiful body. It cleanses the body and helps internal organs to function properly. What kind of water should be used to lose weight as soon as possible?

How to drink water to lose weight

Absolutely any diet implies use of a large amount of water, and this is not just for fun. Even if you follow all the rules of proper nutrition, but ignore water, you are unlikely to achieve maximum results. The fact is that liquid contributes to metabolism acceleration; it does not allow food to stagnate. In addition, water fills the stomach that allows to feel satiation for a long time.

Choose the right time to drink water. Drink water half an hour before a meal every day. Its amount is determined as follows: divide the total volume of water by the number of food intakes.

Another important detail is that water should be either warm or at room temperature.

These are the most important rules of using water for those who want to lose weight faster.

How much water to drink for weight loss

Proper water intake is characterized by its correct amount. You can find the information that a person should drink at least two liters daily on the Internet. However, it is not entirely correct to apply this template to every person. Everything should be calculated individually, especially since it is not difficult at all.

To find out how much water you should drink daily, divide your weight by 20.

For example

  • 56 kg / 20 = 2.8 liters. That is if you want to lose weight, drink at least 2.8 liters of fluid at your weight of 56 kg.

There is another method of calculation, proposed by nutritionists. Volume of liquid is tied to the number of calories consumed plus a half-liter.

For example

  • if you consume 2,000 kcal per day, then the daily amount of liquid is 2 liters + 0.5 = 2.5 liters is your minimum.

Water on an empty stomach for weight loss

In addition to water use before food intake, drink it also on an empty stomach from the very morning. This may be unpleasant at the first, some may even experience nausea, but a beautiful figure should stimulate you.

If such tradition is very unpleasant, you can move away from the rule and “sweeten the pill”. So, add some natural honey to water. Such drink will be consumed with great pleasure. You can add lemon juice as well. This will help to normalize digestion and avoid constipation, which often becomes a major problem when switching to diets.

Actively stimulate yourself in order to more easily and quickly accustom your body to a new regimen. Hang a photo on the refrigerator, where you are with a beautiful slender body (this can be done using Photoshop).

Benefits of water for weight loss

To begin with, if water is not enough in the diet, then the body can be severely depleted, because dehydration has not benefited anyone. We all remember from biology lessons that 2/3 of the human body consists of water. Water:

  • takes an active part in metabolic processes;
  • transfers nutrients to cells;
  • moisturizes skin;
  • removes toxins, slags and other harmful substances from the body;
  • promotes normalization of thermoregulation;
  • improves function of internal organs.

Any diet is based on all the above-mentioned principles. Deficiency of fluid in the body slows down the process of fat splitting and adversely affects the condition of muscle mass.

It is very simple to understand that you use not enough water. Here are the first alarming signals:

  • frequent edemas;
  • unpleasant and sharp smell of sweat;
  • strong headache;
  • diarrhea;
  • problem skin (acne, rash, uneven skin color);
  • heavy loss of hair;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • early appearance of wrinkles.

Water helps to suppress the feeling of hunger, which often accompanied by a diet. People often confuse the desire to drink with the need for food. Therefore, after drinking a glass of water, the imaginary appetite can simply disappear. Use of warm water half an hour before meals will significantly reduce the desire to eat much.

There is an interesting fact, indicating that cool water drinking burns calories: 100 kcal using 2 liters. This is caused by the fact that the body spends energy on warming up liquid to body temperature.

A sharp weight loss in most cases results in appearance of stretch marks and the skin sagging. You can reduce unpleasant factors to a minimum following water regimen, so your skin will be constantly moisturized. In addition, you will forget about constipation and diarrhea and your stool will be normalized.