When stress is piling up, many men try to defeat it by alcohol, and women attack all sorts of goodies and sweets. Why is this happening? Is it necessary to “eat up” stress? And how to do it right to avoid any harm to health?

Signs Of Stress

You will understand that its Majesty Stress grabbed you in its grasping embrace, when you:

  • have a sharp change in mood from good to bad,
  • can not get rid of fatigue for a long time,
  • constantly want to drink,
  • do not want anything,
  • are apathetic and tearful.

Stress is not just a bad mood. Everything is much more serious. And the response to stress can be different – passive or active.


You can just succumb to depression. Keep lying and lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling or the wall, feeling sorry for yourself and shedding tears. This is an understandable reaction, since in such periods you are taken over with cruel apathy, you do not want to deal with stress and do not want anything at all – not to see or hear anyone!

Lying so for an hour or two, you almost certainly trudge to the fridge and wonder – what is there so delicious that will help me eat up this very stress, so that I no longer feel so much pain and self-pity? It seems to you that this is the only way to calm your nerves at least a bit.


There is another variant of the events development. You stop eating at all, seems that you can’t take even a smallest bite of anything. In many women, the appetite disappears completely because of serious worries.

  • It is replaced by:
  • irritability,
  • emotionality,
  • anxiety,
  • aggression.

Such reaction to stress can be observed in women before an important meeting, a visit to a doctor (especially a dentist or gynecologist), exams or an interview.

Such reaction is accompanied by the need to constantly move, to do something. Sitting and quietly reading, knitting or watching a favorite TV series is hampered by thoughts: what to do, what should I do, maybe it will be better if I do it otherwise… Even if you try to do anything in this moment, the result will be far from perfect – the onslaught of problems and thoughts will not allow you to concentrate.

Why Do You Eat Up Stress?

The habit of eating stress is an action based on two main reasons:

It can be programmed even on a genetic level

There are women whose brains have little or no appetite-controlling receptors. It is hard for these women – even in everyday life they feel almost constant hunger, and stress makes them completely “get off the rails”. Such women are almost always tempted to have sweets, and namely the harmful kind of these, like:

  • pastries,
  • fancy cakes,
  • fatty chocolate desserts.

It can develop due to the upbringing.

For example, it was customary to have guests in the family – the table was always full of dishes, including sweets and desserts. And when the child was capricious, the kind mother “calmed” him with a bonbon or muffin.

Since that time, the brain has fixed the idea that abundant tasty food is good. And if a child was always forced from the earliest childhood to eat up his portion to the end, regardless of his desire or unwillingness, then this habit is aggravated.

An adult grown up woman, feeling the approach of depression, quickly eats something sweet, after which the hunger becomes only stronger. In comes the turn of pasta with meat and fatty sauce. It seems like you do not want to eat, yet you can not leave food on the plate – this is not the way you were taught in your family.

Learning To Conquer Appetite Under Stress

Managing your own appetite during stress is difficult, yet possible. A diet will not help in this case, because it only adds up stress. To eat a lot, allow yourself fatty, floury and sweet foods, – is a habit that was cultivated ever since childhood, and therefore, you will have to struggle with it long and patiently.

As soon as your hand begins reaching out for a piece of cake, stop and say to yourself: “I’m not hungry!Why on earth should I eat now? I will not succumb to a bad habit, I will have this cake in an hour!”.

Now your task is to distract yourself. To do this, any options are suitable:

  • go to a concert or a movie,
  • walk the streets,
  • visit a couple of clothing stores,
  • take a bath with many pleasant treatments,
  • go to a beauty salon or a hairdresser.

Time will fly by unnoticed, and the cake will not be eaten.

Never keep a chocolate or a bun in your table or purse!

In general, you should never have anything high-calorie and sweet at hand. If such foods are present in your house – hide them in a distant place, for example, to the highest cabinets, so that you can not reach them without using a ladder or a stool.

Instead of the chocolate, put a pack of walnuts or almonds in your bag. They are quite suitable for a snack, and much more useful than sweets. Other options for grabbing a quick snack are:

  • apple,
  • orange,
  • kiwi.

If you do not have enough willpower to refuse a delicious cake, if you feel that you will be unhappy, unless you eat it immediately – give up!

However, while eating the cake, follow some simply rules:

  • take the smallest possible bites,
  • chew slowly,
  • enjoy the taste,
  • do not push calories in yourself just to make the stress go away.

Try to consult with a nutritionist and a psychologist.

These professionals can truly give a good advice on the best way to cope with hunger without harming your body.

  • Get a diary in which you will write down what and in what quantities you eat every day.

This will help you later, by analyzing the records, to understand, what exactly gives the command “GO!” to the stress-induced hunger, and how to avoid similar situations in the future.

  • Set a rule for yourself: no more than four spoons or slices!

That is 4 spoonfuls of ice cream – and that’s it, or 4 bites off a piece of cake. This will result in a compromise that allows you to inflict less damage on the figure.

If you did not manage to cope with your appetite and “gave in” – do not scold yourself!You need to love yourself for who you are. Just start over!

Successful victory over stress!