Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry are the main culprits of the popularity of the new mushroom diet.

Its essence is that one of your meals each day must consist of mushrooms only. This diet is designed for two weeks and, as they say, is capable of eliminating excess volumes in a selective method, i.e. in your

  • Waist
  • Hips

That means that this slimming diet supposedly works only at your “problem” areas, while the breast retains its girth.

Having noticed that the mushroom diet has gained a lot of admirers, scientists studied its specifics and issued their verdict:

  • the effectiveness of the diet is overestimated.

Yes, mushrooms are great through the fact that they are low in calories and contain plenty of protein. However, they do not provide amazing results in the weight loss process.

“Mushrooms do not possess any miraculous properties. You can replace a dish in one of the meals with any kind of vegetables, instead of mushrooms, and it will provide the same effect,” says the nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge.

Scientists can not confirm the fact that the mushroom diet helps to lose weight just in those places, where the excess weight is located.

“There is no evidence that in general any diet allows losing weight in certain areas of the body,” says Tallmadge.

The weight loss process, she stressed, is mostly influenced by genetics, as well as by:

  • age,
  • bad habits.

For example, mature women are more prone to weight gain, due to changing hormonal levels.