Ionamin is a controlled weight loss drug that can be sold by prescription only. It is impossible to buy Ionamin no prescription legally. All offers to buy Ionamin online no prescription is a scam. Ionamin diet pills may cause drug dependence. Therefore, only obese people not prone to drug addiction and (or) alcoholism can get a prescription for Ionamin.

A doctor may prescribe Ionamin only if this drug is approved by the National Ministry of Health. Prescription for Ionamin must correspond to the requirements of the prescription for psychotropic drugs.

Prescription for Ionamin should be written in ink (ballpoint pen), certified by the signature and personal seal of the physician. If a prescription is written illegibly, has corrections, has no signature or seal – this prescription is considered void.

In addition, each prescription should have:

  • The serial number
  • The name of Ionamin drug without abbreviations
  • The dosage of Ionamin in milligrams

Due to the high risk of drug dependence, a person can get a prescription for no more than 30 Ionamin capsules. Those, who have never taken Ionamin, are prescribed only four Ionamin capsules.

When a doctor makes sure that Ionamin capsules do not cause allergy or other serious side effects, he will be able to prescribe a big pack of Ionamin capsules.

Prescription for Ionamin capsules has an expiration date. If a patient received a prescription for Ionamin, but its validity has expired, he should get a new prescription. Validity of a prescription for Ionamin ranges from several days to several weeks.

If medical treatment of obesity is held in clinic, prescription for Ionamin capsules is not required. When Ionamin drug is taken in the clinic, the whole responsibility for the distribution of this controlled drug lies with the treating physician and hospital staff.

If the prescription for Ionamin does not meet the requirements approved by the National Ministry of Health, it is considered void. When a pharmacist sees a void prescription for Ionamin, he is obliged to contact the doctor wrote out the prescription and to notify him of the reasons not allowing to sell Ionamin capsules.

If you decide to buy Ionamin without prescription, you should be cautioned that this controlled drug could cause long-term cardiovascular side effects. More information about potential risks and side effects of Ionamin you can learn by phone or email.