Obesity in adults and children has increased significantly over the past few years. In more than half of obese people obesity began developing in childhood and adolescence. In adulthood, obesity progresses and leads to vascular complications.

To avoid cardiovascular diseases in adulthood, it is important to start treating obesity in childhood and adolescence.

Different countries have different age limitations for obesity pharmacotherapy.

  • For example, in the United States, weight loss drug Ionamin (withdrawn from production) is allowed in adolescents of 16 years and above.

In the UK, Ionamin is approved for the obesity treatment in children, older than 12 years.

Obesity pharmacotherapy with Ionamin is prescribed to children (over 12 years), if the diet therapy and increased physical activity resulted in a weight loss of less than 5% of initial body weight wihin 3 months.

Excessive weight in childhood is often transformed into obesity in adults, which poses a serious threat to health.

Timely commenced Ionamin pharmacotherapy in children and adolescents reduces the risk of severe somatic diseases: type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, fatty liver, cholecystitis, stroke and heart attack.

Obese children often have nighttime sleep apnea or orthopedic pathology (eg, Blount’s disease). Moreover, children with excessive weight often have glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia and hypertension before puberty.

Weight loss drug Ionamin not only helps reducing weight in children, but also prevents obesity in adulthood. Ionamin anti-obesity therapy is more successful in the early obesity stage, than treatment of severe formed obesity in adolescents and adults.

  • In adolescence, weight adjustment due to weight loss capsules Ionamin leads to better health.

Maintaining an optimal body weight for 2-5 years after canceling Ionamin capsules improves insulin sensitivity, normalizes glucose tolerance, improves lipid profile and reduces blood pressure.

Weight loss, resulting from Ionamin anti-obesity therapy, reduces load on joints and spine.

Obese children are also diagnosed with delayed ossification, which is accompanied by loss of or impaired functional ability of cartilage to withstand a load.

Losing weight with Ionamin reduces the load and risk of injuring epiphysial cartilage in the proximal tibia. Consequently, Ionamin indirectly reduces the risk of Blount disease.

Given that parents form child’s environment, they are the key role in prevention and elimination of problems, caused by excessive weight. If child is diagnosed with obesity, his entire family should turn to the mode of life, based on balanced diet and active lifestyle.

  • Healthy lifestyle, formed in adolescence, usually persists for life.

When child is going through Ionamin pharmacotherapy, his family’s support will help him cope with food cravings a lot easier.

When using Ionamin, note that the anti-obesity drug Ionamin may cause adverse reactions. Before you order Ionamin on online pharmacy, you can get information about Ionamin side effects from a qualified pharmacist.