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  • Micah

    I did Ionamin for 1 month. I lost 12lbs during that month without diet and exercise.
    I wasn’t jittery and I felt great.
    I loved this stuff!
    BUT….after the month had ended and i got off of it, I gained all 12 lbs back within a few weeks and more!
    So look out!

  • Audrey

    This medication worked wonders for me. I went from 230lbs in September 2013 to 175lbs in February 2014. When I took it, it just made me almost forget about food.
    I would sometimes forget about eating until late in the day and just ate because I knew I needed to.
    The only bad part was that it stopped working before I got to the weight I wanted, but I haven’t gained the weight back as of June 2014.

  • Lucy

    I think that Ionamin was great for helping with a diet. It’s so much easier to cut back on what you’re eating when you’re not thinking about food all the time from being hungry.
    But I hated all the jitters and anxiety first thing in the morning.

  • Riley

    Ionamin has helped me loose 18 lbs., this year, in 3 mos. I hope to loose 20 more lbs. I noticed this time that when I exercised, my sweating ability, increased alot faster.
    When it usually takes me 20 minutes to work up a sweat, I am now sweating within 12-15 minutes.
    Which means I am burning fat more efficiently!

  • Ariana

    With Ionamin (phentermine), if you can afford them and you can get a prescription, then you will lose weight really quickly for as long as you’re on them.
    They really work.
    The side effects go away in the first week or so.

  • Khloe

    I have been taking this pill for about 2 weeks now and I feel great I hardly feel hungry it gives me plenty of energy so that I can get my cardio workout….an the only small side effect that I have is dry mouth…
    im sure I wouldnt have to take this again but if I did I wouldnt hesitate

  • Justin

    I was on Ionamin about a year ago for 6 months. In the beginning, I really loved it as you feel like you are in kind of a trance/dreamlike state. It helped me lose 40lbs and I felt so much better about myself afterward.
    The only thing was that I was not sleeping very well. I would get up several times throughout the night. I did exercise and I did eat better too but ionamin really took away my appetite and especially cravings for junk food.
    You will not feel hungry at all.

  • Vanessa

    I have used this product a few times (prescribed by doctor) and have had good success. It will definitely take away your hunger pains but is by no means a miracle.
    You will still need to count calories and exercise but this will give you that boost you may need until you get into a groove. Highly recommended if prescribed by a doctor, not for those with high blood pressure!

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