Ionamin is one of the most popular trademark weight loss drugs, which contains Phentermine. Ionamin drug is manufactured by Packpharm Ltd Pharmaceutical Company. On the market you can buy Ionamin 15mg and Ionamin 30mg oral capsules. Each weight loss Ionamin capsule contains 15 mg or 30 mg of Phentermine medicinal agent.

  • Ionamin capsules, unlike other Phentermine-containing drugs, contain cationic exchange resin complex.
  • Due to the ion-exchange complex, active substance Phentermine is released from the capsules gradually over time.
  • Prolonged effect allows reducing frequency of Ionamin capsules intake and this weight loss drug’s dose.
  • This results in reduced occurrence of Ionamin capsules’ side effects.
  • Drug release (Phentermine) of Ionamin capsules takes place, only when they get in contact with the gastrointestinal environment.

Slow Phentermine release from Ionamin capsules provides longer anorexigenic effect.

IonaminDrug concentration (Phentermine) in the organism starts lowering approximately in 10-14 hours after Ionamin capsules intake. Reduced Phentermine concentration in blood plasma is accompanied by decreased anorexigenic effect.

Phentermine anorectic activity lasts about 24 hours after oral administration of Ionamin capsules.

Due to such therapeutic effect, Ionamin capsules should be taken only once per day during anti-obesity therapy.

In rare cases, Ionamin capsules can be taken twice a day.

When patient takes Ionamin capsules twice a day, Phentermine daily dose is not altered. The maximum Ionamin daily dose is 30 mg. Higher daily dose of Ionamin may cause an overdose and side effects.

It is recommended to start anti-obesity therapy with Ionamin by using daily dose of 30 mg. If Ionamin 30 mg promotes side effects or allergic reactions, then Ionamin daily dose of 30 mg could be divided into 2 doses (one Ionamin 15 mg capsule, 2 times a day).

First Ionamin 15 mg dose should be taken in the morning, 20 minutes before breakfast. Second Ionamin dose is recommended to be taken 6-8 hours before the night’s sleep. If you take Ionamin capsules in the afternoon or just before bedtime, they can cause sleeplessness and irritability.

  • It should be noted that, UK doctors prescribe Ionamin capsules for obesity treatment in adults and children over 12 years.

In the U.S., Ionamin capsules are not sold, but you can find Ionamin generics (Phentermine Resin Complex and Phentermine Resin 30). Phentermine-containing weight loss drugs are being prescribed in the U.S. for the obesity treatment only in adults and adolescents of 16 years and older.