Ionamin capsules available at the UK market are manufactured by Packpharm Ltd company.

This company manufactures:

  • Ionamin 15 mg capsules (grey and yellow)
  • Ionamin 30 mg capsules (yellow)

Ionamin capsules by Packpharm Ltd are available in the packages containing 4, 28 and 100 weight loss capsules.

  • 100 Ionamin capsules are available in a plastic container with screw cap
  • 4 and 28 Ionamin capsules are available in blister strips packed in a cardboard box

Packpharm company has a license for the production, not for the sale of Ionamin capsules. The UK distributor of Ionamin 15mg and 30mg capsules is Cambridge Healthcare Supplies Ltd.

Besides Packpharm company, the manufacturer of Ionamin capsules is Celltech Pharmaceuticals. Just as Packpharm, Celltech manufactures oral capsules Ionamin 15mg and Ionamin 30mg.

The distributor of Ionamin capsules manufactured by Celltech is UCB, Inc. This company is a wholesale supplier of Ionamin drug.

Clinics, specializing in the obesity treatment, buy plastic bottles containing:

  • 100 Ionamin capsules
  • 400 Ionamin capsules

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