Ionamin Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ionamin?

Ionamin is a trade name of capsules containing 15 and 30 mg of active substance Phentermine (as a resinate). The molecular formula of this active substance was developed in the late 50s of the last century. Ionamin capsules containing Phentermine first came on the market in 1959.

What are Ionamin caps used for?

Ionamin capsules are prescribed for weight loss in pre-obese patients with BMI 27 to 29 and in obese patients with BMI of 30 and above. Pre-obese patients are prescribed with Ionamin capsules only in concomitant risk factors.

What is the mechanism of action of Ionamin?

Active ingredient Phentermine – a psychostimulant, by affecting mainly noradrenergic and dopaminergic nervous systems. By affecting these parts of the CNS, Phentermine suppresses hunger. Apart from appetite suppression, Phentermine causes cardiovascular and metabolic effects.

What is the benefit of Ionamin use?

By providing a powerful and prolonged anorexigenic effect, Ionamin capsules help to stick to a hypocaloric diet throughout the day and to reduce hunger at night. Ionamin capsules help to lose weight and to normalize metabolism by suppressing appetite and by helping to adhere to a healthy diet.

What are the risks when using Ionamin?

Ionamin capsules may cause depression, drug dependence and increase the risk of cardiovascular events. These are not all potential risks that Ionamin drug may cause. For more information about Ionamin potential risks, ask all your questions by email.

Why Ionamin capsules were approved?

Results of clinical trials have demonstrated that Ionamin’ benefits are greater than its risks for the obesity treatment in patients with BMI of 27 and higher. Based on the results of these trials, the FDA (USA) and MHRA (UK) approved Ionamin capsules for weight loss.

Can adolescents take Ionamin?

In the UK, Ionamin capsules can be prescribed to adolescents of 12 years and older. In the USA, Ionamin capsules were prescribed only in adolescents of 16 years and older. Children under 12 years old were not involved in clinical trials of Ionamin. Thus, obese children should use alternative ways of losing weight.

Who should not use Ionamin?

Ionamin capsules should not be prescribed in patients with mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases and some other pathologies. Before prescribing Ionamin, the doctor should make sure that his patient has no contraindications to this drug.

What is the optimal dose of Ionamin?

Ionamin dosage depends on obesity severity, patient’s age, the presence or absence of concomitant diseases. Adolescents, elderly people, patients with liver diseases and some other groups of patients should be prescribed with the minimal daily dose of Ionamin 15mg. Regardless of obesity severity; the total daily dose of Ionamin should not exceed 30mg.

What are the recommendations for Ionamin use?

Only physically active and ambitious patients can achieve the maximum benefit of Ionamin use. Regular exercise, balanced diet and steady motivation for a healthy lifestyle help to increase the efficiency of weight loss therapy by several times.

What are side effects of Ionamin?

After Ionamin use, the majority of obese patients experience headache, dry mouth, gastrointestinal disorders, and high heart rate. If these or some other side effects are severe, stop using Ionamin capsules and tell your doctor about adverse reactions.

Where to buy Ionamin?

In the USA, the retail sale of Ionamin capsules was discontinued in the early 80s of the last century. In 2014, you can buy Ionamin in the UK and some other countries. If you want to buy Ionamin online in the UK, make sure that online pharmacy has a license to sell controlled drugs.

How to get a prescription for Ionamin?

Only obese people, who do not manage to reduce weight by means of non-drug methods of obesity treatment (diet therapy, psychotherapy), can get a prescription for Ionamin. Before prescribing Ionamin, the doctor should carry out a medical examination and make sure that the benefits of using Ionamin capsules exceed their potential risks.

Does Ionamin have generic drugs?

Weight loss capsules containing anorexigenic agent Phentermine are sold not only under trade name Ionamin, but also under dozens of other original names. Generic versions of Ionamin are drugs containing Phentermine as a resin complex. In Australia, Ionamin generic drugs are sold under trade names Duromine and Metermine. It is quite possible that in your country, Ionamin generic drugs are sold under nonproprietary name Phentermine Resin Complex.