Ionamin diet pills are a group of weight loss drugs, which have been used in medical practice for 55 years. Ionamin was the first weight loss drug, approved by the FDA already in 1959. Within the period of this anorexigenic agent use, dozens of clinical and post-clinical studies were conducted, which have proved Ionamin safety and efficacy in weight loosing therapy.

Diet pills Ionamin suppress appetite and reduce food intake by affecting brain satiety center and by changing metabolic effects. Ionamin diet pills are the best weight loss drug in treating obesity, caused by an eating disorder. Thanks to appetite suppressing, Ionamin pills help controlling the amount of food consumed.

Active ingredient in Ionamin is Phentermine (as a resin complex). Due to prolonged Phentermine release from diet capsules Ionamin, this weight loss drug’s therapeutic effect lasts about 24 hours. Approximately 10-14 hours after patient orally takes Ionamin diet pills, Phentermine concentration in blood plasma decreases by 2 times, hence, anorexigenic effect decreases.

Regular use of Ionamin in combination with a low calorie diet and exercise allows reducing weight by 2-3% in 4 weeks.

  • Ionamin OnlineWith this weight loss, body gradually gets used to the new quality.
  • In addition, metabolism normalizes simultaneously.
  • Therefore, patient will not only maintain reached weight after stopping diet pills Ionamin, but will continue losing it, if he leads a healthy lifestyle and controls eating behavior.
  • Anti-obesity drug Ionamin is prescribed as a short-term supplement to a weight loss program.
    Ionamin is mostly prescribed for a 3-month period for weight loss and eating behavior modification.
  • After this time therapeutic effect of Ionamin starts declining.
  • It is important that patient doesn’t increase Ionamin dose, when its therapeutic effect reduces.

Increasing daily dose of Ionamin without medical supervision could cause syndrome tolerance. Higher Ionamin doses do not enhance its therapeutic effect. Instead of increasing Ionamin efficacy, it will expand the spectrum and intensity of side effects.

When patient uses Ionamin capsules regularly for 12 weeks, in combination with traditional weight loss methods, he can lose 5 to 15% of his initial body weight.

Studies have shown weight reduction by 10% results in lowering of

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • sugar level in blood plasma
  • risk of pathologies.

Ionamin pharmacotherapy significantly improves the quality of patient’s life, along with weight reduction. He feels more confident, has higher self-esteem, enthusiasm and willingness to participate in all social events.

Ionamin diet pills not only help losing weight, but also improve sleep quality, make patient more dynamic, increase physical endurance and improve overall health.

If you want to get rid of obesity with the help of powerful weight loss pills Ionamin, then you can buy them online. When you are buying diet pills Ionamin on online pharmacies, you can get a free pharmacist advice.