It is recommended to take Ionamin weight loss drug in conjunction with a balanced diet and physical activity. For a maximum therapeutic effect, you should take Ionamin diet pills regularly at the same time.

In most cases, it is recommended to start Ionamin pharmacotherapy with a medium therapeutic dose of Ionamin 30 mg.

It is recommended to take Ionamin capsules with modified release once a day, 20 minutes before breakfast or 1-2 hours after having a meal.

Ionamin dosage depends on patient’s health and individual response to pharmacotherapy.

If hypersensitivity (allergic reaction) to Phentermine active ingredient manifests, while patient takes Ionamin 30 mg, his daily dose of anorexigenic agent can be reduced to Ionamin 15 mg.

Ionamin capsules contain Phentermine (as a resin complex). Diet capsules Ionamin must be swallowed entirely. It is forbidden to chew or break Ionamin capsules with sustained release. Such actions will result in an instantaneous release of Phentermine, increasing the risk of side effects.

Phentermine plasma concentration reduces approximately by 2 times in 10-14 hours after an oral intake of Ionamin diet capsules.

Anorexigenic effect of Ionamin declines simultaneously with Phentermine concentration decrease. Thus, therapeutic effect of Ionamin dose, taken in the morning, will last all day long.

Given that Ionamin stimulates central nervous system, Ionamin pills, taken at the end of the day, can cause sleep problems. Therefore, morning Ionamin dose should be taken 10-14 hours before the sleep a night.

Pharmacotherapy with Ionamin lasts 12 weeks.

Ionamin therapeutic effect reduces after this period.

It is forbidden to increase Ionamin dose for enhancing its efficacy.
Increasing Ionamin dose will not increase this weight loss drug’s effect, but may increase the risk of serious side effects.

Taking weight loss drug in high doses or prolonged use of Ionamin may cause withdrawal effect. First signs of Ionamin withdrawal are fatigue, depressed mood and depression. You should take Ionamin diet pills strictly on prescription to prevent withdrawal reactions.

If Ionamin dosing regimen was broken, you should be seizing pharmacotherapy by gradually reducing daily dosage of this weight loss drug. Unauthorized modification of Ionamin dosing regimen can also cause physical and drug dependence.

If you want to buy Ionamin on online pharmacy, but you have previously been diagnosed with drug dependence, this drug is contraindicated to you. If you are going to order Ionamin on online pharmacy, but never used this drug for obesity treatment, consult a pharmacist.