The distributors of Ionamin capsules

Ionamin manufacturer and distributors

Ionamin is a weight loss drug containing active substance Phentermine (as a resin complex). The manufacturer of Ionamin drug is Packpharm Ltd.

This company produces oral capsules Ionamin 15mg and Ionamin 30mg.Each weight loss capsule contains 15 or 30 mg of active substance Phentermine.

The regional distributors of Ionamin capsules are the companies:

  • UCB, Inc.
  • Cambridge Healthcare
  • Proqualix Pty Ltd

The marketing status of Ionamin

If you want to buy Ionamin online, you should be warned that Ionamin is a controlled drug, which can be sold by prescription only. If you decide to buy Ionamin, but have never taken this drug, please, familiarize yourself with the objective and reliable information about Ionamin (Phentermine).

  • In the USA – Discontinued
  • In the UK – Rx Only
  • In the Australia – Export Only

A reliable supplier of Ionamin

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Ionamin, make sure that the sale of this weight loss drug is permitted in your country.

In some countries, Ionamin capsules have been sold for several decades, but subsequently were withdrawn from the market.

Indications for use of Ionamin

Ionamin approved by FDA (U.S.)

The FDA (U.S.) approved Ionamin as an obesity treatment in patients of 16 years and older. Elderly Americans suffering from obesity were prescribed with the minimal daily dose of Ionamin.

Ionamin approved by MHRA (UK)

MHRA (UK) approved Ionamin as an obesity treatment in patients of 12 years and older. MHRA does not recommend to prescribe Ionamin capsules as an obesity treatment in obese Britons aged 65 and older.

Ionamin: mechanism of action

Active substance Phentermine is a psychostimulant that affects some parts of the central nervous system. By affecting the central nervous system, Phentermine suppresses appetite and may have a significant effect on metabolism.

Ionamin: potential health risks.

Ionamin efficiency is proved by the results of numerous studies. These studies have demonstrated that Ionamin capsules do not only help quickly to lose weight, but also can cause long-term and short-term side effects.

ionamin diet capsulesThe most dangerous side effects of Ionamin are as follows:

  • cardiovascular events (including heart attack and stroke)
  • psychiatric disorders (including drug dependence, psychosis)

If you decide to buy Ionamin slimming capsules but have never taken them, you should consult a doctor. Regardless of the country you live, you can get a prescription for Ionamin only after comprehensive medical examination.

If you want to get more information about Ionamin potential risks, please, ask your questions over phone or email.

Before buying Ionamin online, you can get a pharmacist’s qualified advice – absolutely free.

Ionamin dosage guidance

Ionamin (Phentermine) drug suppresses appetite already after the intake of the first dose. Therefore, Ionamin capsules help to control appetite already on the first day of anti-obesity therapy.

  • The minimal daily dose of Ionamin is 15mg
  • The maximum daily dose of Ionamin is 30mg

The daily dose of Ionamin above 30mg can cause overdose and severe side effects.

In overdose, seek emergency medical attention.

Ionamin side effects

The risk of developing side effects increases not only in overdose, but also in the use of Ionamin capsules longer than three months. Even the minimal dose of Ionamin 15mg may cause irreversible cardiovascular pathology and (or) drug dependence.

Ionamin: The Usage Guidance

So that Ionamin capsules can reduce weight without causing serious damage to health, it is necessary to shorten the duration of obesity drug therapy. To do so, it is necessary to increase daily physical activity and to limit the intake of sweet, fat and high-calorie food.

Hypocaloric diet and physical activity – these are two main conditions for rapid weight loss. Even such powerful appetite suppressant as Ionamin (Phentermine) will not help to lose weight, if an obese person does not adhere to a balanced diet and continues to lead inactive lifestyle.

  • I did Ionamin for 1 month. I lost 12lbs during that month without diet and exercise.
    I wasn’t jittery and I felt great.I loved this stuff! BUT….after the month had ended and i got off of it, I gained all 12 lbs back within a few weeks and more!So look out!
  • This medication worked wonders for me. I went from 230lbs in September 2013 to 175lbs in February 2014. When I took it, it just made me almost forget about food.I would sometimes forget about eating until late in the day and just ate because I knew I needed to.The only bad part was that it stopped working before I got to the weight I wanted, but I haven’t gained the weight back as of June 2014.
  • I think that Ionamin was great for helping with a diet. It’s so much easier to cut back on what you’re eating when you’re not thinking about food all the time from being hungry.But I hated all the jitters and anxiety first thing in the morning.
  • I was on Ionamin about a year ago for 6 months. In the beginning, I really loved it as you feel like you are in kind of a trance/dreamlike state. It helped me lose 40lbs and I felt so much better about myself afterward.The only thing was that I was not sleeping very well. I would get up several times throughout the night. I did exercise and I did eat better too but ionamin really took away my appetite and especially cravings for junk food. You will not feel hungry at all.
  • With Ionamin (phentermine), if you can afford them and you can get a prescription, then you will lose weight really quickly for as long as you’re on them.They really work.The side effects go away in the first week or so.